Monday, March 12, 2007

Pamper Your Hands

Your hands are the ultimate tool invented ever. You just use them all day, Shaking hands, cooking, doing your hair, feel, touch, work, write, endless.

The best way to take care of your hands is to protect them.

• The skin of the hand is so thin, protect the skin.
Pamper your hands with your personal hand lotion, 4 times a day.
• Exfoliate once a week with a face exfoliates.
• Use once a week your face night creams also on your hands before you go to sleep.
• Get accustomed to using rubber gloves whenever you do housework.
• Prevent your hands from aging or abusing.
• Protect your hands from dry weather as well as protecting them from the sun.
• Use daily a protective barrier.

Take Care of Your Hands

1- Apply olive oil on your hands.
2- Apply the juice of cucumber juice and glycerin on your hands.
3- Mix olive oil and lime juice and apply on your hands.
4- Make a paste of tomato juice, glycerin and lime juice in equal proportion and apply on your hands.
5- Massage with almond oil a night to glow your hands.
6- Apply a paste of ground almonds, milk cream and few drops of glycerin and lemon juice for bleaching.
7- Soak your hands in water in which potatoes have been boiled.
8- One effective method is to rub warm boiled water and mashed potatoes on hands and finger
9- Make a mixture of Vaseline and carbolic acid and rub in on your hands.
10- Hands can be softened by taking a mixture of orange juice and honey.
11- Mix rose water and glycerin and apply on your hands with cotton.


O_oambero_o said...

I havent seen remedies like this! This is great, thank-you???<333

guriya said...

tips are great....but is it carbolic acid that u really meant to mix with vaseline to soften our hands???????????Carbolic acid is really dangerous.Isn't it?