Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spread The Good Work To Your Hands And Feet

Finding difficulty in trimming your toe nails here is the tip to cure ingrown toenail.

Before you go to bed, put a small wedge of lemon on the toenail, securing it with a band-aid. Put on a sock. When you wake up, the nail should be soft enough to ease it away from the skin so that you can trim it. Always cut the nail straight across and not any shorter than the toe.

Our elbows and knees become dark, dry and scaly here is an easy tip to cure your elbows and knees.

Mash up some pineapple (Fresh pineapple is ideal, but you can use canned as well) in the blender and rub it into your elbows and knees. Leave it on for about 15 minutes so the natural enzymes can do their work. Rinse off and apply a rich moisturizer or Vaseline.

Easy and very effective remedy for softer feet and hands

At least once a week, make a scrub for both your hands and feet. Here is one good scrub.
* You may also slough off dead skin cells with a solution made of sea salt lemon. Brush it into hands with an old toothbrush.
Do this twice a week to soften hands and remove discoloration.
* Take 1 spoon of sugar, lemon juice and fresh cream. Rub it in your hands till the sugar completely dissolves. This really makes the hands soft.

Wearing nail paint on well shaped nails makes hands look beautiful and sexy. But wearing nail paint regularly and for long time makes nails yellow. To cure yellowing nails try this effective remedy:

1. One of the easiest ways to bleach your nails back to a healthy-looking pink is with a lemon. Slice it in half and stick your finger in for a few minutes. The natural acids will whiten and soften the nail. Rinse and apply a lotion.
2. Try toothpaste to give shine to nails. Apply toothpaste on nails and gentle rub it for sometime and rinse your hands.

The summer is in and winter is out. Its time to show-off your legs. Those of you like wearing skirts here is a tip to make your legs soft as silk.

Mix two Tbs. of petroleum jelly with the contents of one 400 IU vitamin E capsule and massage all over your legs. Slip on cotton pajamas and go to bed. In the morning, wash legs with a moisturizing body wash and apply a body lotion. Soft as silk!

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