Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Eye Care

Eyes are the most precious gift god has given to mankind. Among the five sensory organs, eyes are the most beautiful expressive organs we have that also have the capability of vision.

Eyes are the most delicate part of our body and to prevent eyes from damage its care is very necessary.

It is best to avoid poor light when reading or using computers or watching television for long hours. Very intense light or using very hot or very cold water on the face and head is also not healthy for the eyes. Applying few drops of almond, coconut or sesame oil around the eyes prevents dark circles.

Our eyes are continuously covered with a layer of thin fluid film and the film not only protects the eyes but also reduces the risk of eye infection. Whenever our eyelid blinks, our eyes are lubricated and if any foreign particle enters our eyes, the particle is cleared away by fluid film.

Whenever the tear glands produces insufficient amount of tear fluid, the fluid film may disturb and which may cause rupture of fluid film and consequently some dry spots may be created. These dry spots on cornea may irritation and diminished vision.

Symptoms of Dryness in Eyes:

• Increased eye irritation.
• Sensibility to light.
• Difficulty in vision, blurred vision.
• Vision worsens during the day.
• Burning or itching sensation in the eye.
• Sensation of foreign substance in the eye.
• Fatigue ness in the eye.
• Eye irritation during dust, smoke or wind.
• Some of the factors that may worsen the dry eyes include environment factors such as high altitude, dry climate, sunlight and dry wind.
• Some other conditions in which eye concentration is required and some other allergic conditions of eye can also worsen the dry eyes.
• LASIK, a refractive eye surgery may also cause decrease in tear fluid production.
• Some medicines may also increase the risk of causing dry eyes.
• Women, especially after menopause is at higher risk of dry eyes due changing in hormone.
• Some of the medical conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma can also acts as trigger for causing dry eyes.

Consult an Eye specialist for the treatment of dryness in eyes. Your doctor will recommend some of the eye tear fluid available in the market and as per advice of the doctor you should use the fluid. Your doctor will also treat you for conserving of your natural eye tear fluids.

Home Remedies For Eyecare:

• Put 3 drops of rose water in the eyes.
• Soak a cotton pad in rose water, milk or aloe vera juice and apply to closed eyes for 10-20 minutes while lying down comfortably.
• Place a slice of cucumber on each eye for some time.
• Rinse the eyes with water daily. Rest eyes if working for long periods.
• Mix some cardamom seeds with 1 tablespoon of honey. Eat daily.

Eye Care At Work:

Exercise to completely relax the eyes and the surrounding muscles:
. Close your eyes and think of something that is pleasant or soothing and at a distance (like the horizon over a stretch of green, a sail in the midst of huge water mass).
. Now gently open your eyes and look into the distance.
. Now shift your focus on an object that is at arm's length.
. Do this extremely relaxing exercise four to five times a day.
You will literally feel that fatigue oozing out of your eyes.

Give rest to your eyes in between work specially when working on computers as the rays emitting from computer screen is responsible for dryness in eyes.

Massage Your Eyes:

Try this combination of massage and acupressure to preserve the brilliance in eyes:

. To prevent fine lines around the eye area, trace circles with the middle finger around the eyes. Starting from the inner point of the eyebrows go under the eyes and end upwards at the outer point of the brows. Allow the touch to be gentle while following smooth, gliding action.

. Apply gentle pressure on five points. Along the eyebrow, starting at the inner corner trace the pressure to the centre of the brows and then the outer corner. The fourth point is located just beyond the outer corner of the eyes while the last point is below the eyes.


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